Futurenvironments launches G2LS initiative for those seeking employment and change in Africa
Futurenvironments Ltd, a leading consultancy geared towards helping governments, industries and corporate-level thinkers in African countries, has announced the launch of a new online training program aimed at stimulating thinking and increasing productivity for future generations of Africans regardless of any education they may already have.

The initiative, which is called G2LS, is based within an online learning platform currently focusing its efforts in Nigeria. In reality however, the program is designed to eventually reach all African nations who see a need for it. The program is built around the understanding of systems thinking, and ideas around encouraging sustainable economic, social and environmental ways of thinking and practices.

“Because Nigeria is so rich in natural resources and is populated with so many eager learners, we felt it would be the ideal country to launch the G2LS platform,” Daniel Oladejo, coordinator for G2LS says. “We are committed to helping Nigerians and Africans as a whole move into practical careers that uplift them from poverty, greatly bolster local economies and better the standard of living throughout the continent.”

The benefits for those enrolled in the program are numerous. Participants who complete it will earn a certificate and will also be eligible for paid project work through Futurenviroments. Additionally, the skills they gain will carry over into any professional situation that requires practical engagement and critical thinking since the lessons focus heavily on personal development. Because the program itself is presented in a non-academic format, there is virtually no barrier to entry.

Each online module comes loaded with interactive, self-paced segments designed to educate, enlighten and improve actively engaging thinkers through the applied use of systems thinking techniques. The modules are presented in visually appealing and easy-to-understand concepts for quick learning and easy replay-ability.

G2LS courses trains its users to solve problems such as unemployment that Government and businesses can't solve on their own. The aim of the course is to help business minded people make economic moves that are productive and sustainable.

The courses are offered in two versions – an in-depth version and an abridged version. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate and are eligible to land a fantastic funded project role.

To see an example of some of G2LS’ content, visit the Futurenivronments website at https://www.futurenvironments.com/ or for global users, visit http://training.futurenvironments.com/.

Contact: Daniel B. Oladejo, Futurenvironments, Ltd. [+44 2035533665] or [info@futurenvironments.com]
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