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Short Description
Sustainable development fundamentals course
This course is voluntary and has been independently designed to promote economic growth in developing countries. The full edition of the course is mainly for young people who are ready to make a difference.  It is suitable for flexible and vibrant change seekers with a passion to apply systems thinking in local contexts.  This course is recommended for both employed and unemployed people.

Pilot phase reviews
‘I like the practical aspect of the course, I got to know the current state of Nigeria, the use of data and figures were very helpful and examples on how I can benefit and as well change the state of things in a challenging world. Thanks a lot.’ – B. Ogadu

‘I like the course’s peculiarity to Nigeria; that made it easy to relate with. The examples given, translated the course from theory to practical reality.’ – T. Olumuyiwa

‘I loved how much data and research went in to compile and provide credible information for sustainable development.’ – J. Uchendu

Expert reviews
'Great initiative to tackle unemployment in Africa's most populous nation' - Prof. Kelechi Nnoaham, Exec. Director of Public Health, United Kindgom

'I was impressed by the rich content and professional finish and delivery of G2LS education package.  It provides a delightful, easy to comprehend entry level insight into the application of systems thinking to real life sustainable development and management challenges.  The G2LS package was developed by experienced professionals for development planners, designers and managers and is focussed on the developing world.  It is a vital tool in your toolkit for sustainable development'.  Michael Kehinde PhD, Environment Agency, United Kingdom

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